Selected media

”A big waste’: Doses of Moderna thrown out’, ABC PM, 14 October 2021

‘Parents urge better ventilation in classrooms’, ABC AM, 11 October 2021

‘”No experience necessary” for hospital at home jobs’, The Sunday Telegraph, 3 October 2021 (copy of article here)

‘COVID kids: How our youngest are experiencing the pandemic’, The Age, 9 September 2021

‘Liverpool Hospital’s Covid-19 safety protocols under scrutiny’, The Australian, 14 August 2021

‘PPE about-face on airborne protection’, The Australian, 10 June 2021

‘WHO adviser sparks furore after remarks on harms caused by N95 masks including acne’, ABC Radio National, 12 April 2021

‘Sydney quarantine worker tests positive after receiving vaccine dose’, 7 News Melbourne, 14 March 2021

‘Australian health experts call for regional hotel quarantine facilities’, ABC NewsRadio, 15 February 2021

‘‘It’s a no-brainer’: Experts call for quarantine sites to be moved out of cities’, The Age, 14 February 2021

‘Holiday Inn quarantine hotel cluster grows amid N-95 roll out’, The Age, 11 February 2021

‘Medicine alumni: Where are they now?’, Radius, Sydney Medical School, 10 November 2020

‘The ‘preventable’ COVID-19 cases that made up 65 per cent of new infections this week’, 3AW Melbourne, 4 September 2020

‘Call to expand plan to protect health workers from contracting COVID-19’, The Age, 25 August 2020

‘Doctors warn national advice on masks is failing healthcare workers’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 3 August 2020

‘Doctors blast ‘perverse’ rejection of zero healthcare worker deaths target’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 14 July 2020

‘Doctors and nurses falling victim to laws supposed to protect them, medical experts say’, ABC News, 3 February 2019

‘Suicide warning over foreign students ‘suffering in silence’’Times Higher Education, 17 January 2019

‘Government finally commits to tackling student mental ill health, which affects 1 in 4’, Campus Review, 7 September 2018

‘Australia forced to play catch-up on student mental health’Times Higher Education, 21 July 2018

‘‘It’s stressful being an other’: The mental health woes of international students’, The Canberra Times, 2 June 2018

‘Wounded healers’, The Weekend Australian Magazine, pp. 24-28, 5-6 May 2018 (also available here)

‘Young doctors’ mental health issues’ [from 9’55”], Triple J Hack, ABC Radio, 28 February 2018

‘Higher education: growing focus on students’ mental health’, The Australian, p. 30, 15 March 2017

‘Q&A’, ANU Reporter, 70th Birthday Edition (Volume 47 Number 3)

‘Action urged on mental health of students as suicide rate rises’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 19 March 2016 (print edition)

‘Students’ mental health issues are being ‘neglected”The Australian, 17 March 2016

‘Press Release: AMSA demands Australian universities invest in improving student mental health’The Australian Medical Students’ Association, 15 March 2016

‘Caring for our own’Honi Soit, 3 March 2016

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