Academic publications

MacIntyre CR, Veness B, Berger D, Hamad N, Bari N. ‘Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS) following AstraZeneca ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 (AZD1222) COVID-19 vaccination – a risk-benefit analysis for people <60 years in Australia’, Vaccine. 2021 Jul 10

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See more: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8849-2892

Selected writing

‘Want to prevent long COVID? Prevent COVID-19’, MJA InSight+, 28 November 2022

‘COVID-19 landscape shifts: the good and bad news’, MJA InSight+, 6 December 2021

‘RANZCP’s exam failure a chance to rebuild trust’, MJA InSight+, 29 November 2021

‘Life beyond lockdown: OzSAGE strategies to ease Australian COVID surge’, Croakey, 7 September 2021

‘If you’re over 60, there’s no sense in ‘waiting for Pfizer’. Here’s why you should get AstraZeneca today’, The Conversation, 19 August 2021

‘At last, health, aged care and quarantine workers get the right masks to protect against airborne coronavirus’, The Conversation, 17 June 2021

‘Health care worker safety has fallen short of best practice’, MJA Insight+, 28 September 2020

‘Respirator fit-testing: busting the myths’, MJA Insight+, 31 August 2020

‘How many healthcare workers need to be infected before you will protect us, Premier?’, Croakey, 28 August 2020

‘What I like about psychiatry’, MDA National, 20 November 2019

‘NSW commits to improving health of doctors-in-training’, MJA InSight, 27 November 2017

12 things medical deans can do to improve student health’, Medical Observer, 16 November 2017

‘The tyranny of excessive medical hierarchy’, MJA InSight, 19 June 2017

‘We Must Smash Margaret’s Homophobia Off The Court’, The Huffington Post, 29 May 2017

‘7 tips to sharpen your mind for exams’, The University of Sydney, 27 October 2016

‘Stoner Sloth is a bizarre campaign that misses the main target in the war on drugs’The Sydney Morning Herald, 20 December 2015

‘Harnessing the Potential of Social Media’, First Defence, MDA National, October 2015

‘Youth mental health: the truth’ (with Professor Ian Hickie), Sydney Alumni Magazine, April 2015

‘Take it from a baby doctor: cuts to GP services are a false economy’The Sydney Morning Herald, 19 January 2015

‘Starting a conversation with a stranger’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 4 July 2014

‘Abortion need not be doctor’s dilemma too’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 16 November 2013

‘Internships are not a privilege to be sold’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 25 October 2012

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